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Lord of the Dance

Lord of the Dance

The Lord of the Dance has changed the face of Irish Dancing forever to become somewhat of a phenomenon, seen by over 60million people worldwide across no fewer than 60 countries. Join them today by booking to see this spectacular show with National Holidays!

Choreographed by the original ‘Riverdance’ star Michael Flatley, Dangerous Games is another scintillating performance of energetic dance, breathtaking footwork and stamina that will leave you mesmerised.

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It’s now over 20 years since Michael Flatley and the Riverdance burst onto our television screens during the Eurovision Song Contest held in Ireland.

Back then he single-handedly managed to turn an entire genre into an overnight sensation and bring it to the masses through Vegas-style shows which continue to marvel audiences all over the world to this day.

Its latest offering Dangerous Games may no longer feature Flatley, but as choreographer and producer he’s stamped his distinctive mark all over it and left it in more than capable hands, or should that be feet?

As with all Flatley productions, Dangerous Games is fresh, ferocious and, of course, flashy. Perfectly synchronised and fast-paced routines, enhanced by an array of vibrant costumes, will leave you transfixed from the opening scene.

The show portrays Ireland’s mythical land, full of Unicorns, Rainbows and Butterflies, invaded by a Dark Lord and his robotic henchmen. Only Little Spirit and the ‘new’ Lord of the Dance can save the day. An underlying theme of good versus evil sees dancers act out a dream through a series of staged fight scenes and high energy dance offs with precise footwork throughout.

Combining the very best of Irish tradition with stunning effects, dazzling projections and live music, Dangerous Games is pure class. Book the Lord of the Dance Tour with National Holidays - travel, tickets and accommodation all in one place.


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