Coach holidays to The Giants Causeway

The Spectacular Giants Causeway
The Giants Causeway's World Famous Hexagons
The Giants Causeway

The Giants Causeway

Often described as the eighth wonder of the world, the mysterious and intriguing Giant’s Causeway has attracted visitors for centuries, harbouring a wealth of local and natural history, and surely one of the most interesting destinations for a coach holiday.

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The Giants Causeway.

Formed 60 million years ago by volcanic activity, the formation of 38,000 hexagonal basalt columns, stretches far into the sea, some standing as tall as 12m high and it is Northern Ireland’s only UNESCO World Heritage Site. Many sea birds can be seen off the stunning coastline, along with rare and unusual plant species.

Of course folklore tells a different story, which says the causeway was the work of one giant, Finn McCool, the leader of the guardians of the King of Ireland, who pulled up stones to make the causeway from Ireland to Scotland to fight the Scottish giant, Banandonner.

In 2012 The National Trust undertook a major £18.5 m project to restore the headland and create a new Giant’s Causeway Visitor Centre, making your coach tour experience to the Giant’s Causeway even better.

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