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Nottingham, City Hall
Nottingham, Theatre
Nottingham, The Home of Robin Hood


Known across the globe for it’s legendary connections to the famous outlaw Robin Hood, Nottingham also has plenty of other attractions to interest the coach holiday visitor. There’s Nottingham Castle, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem - reputably the oldest pub in England, The Galleries of Justice museum, the City of Caves attraction, and the fabulously designed Council House which is used for civic events.

Nottingham, a fantastic city for a short break or holiday by coach.

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Nottingham, The home of Robin Hood!

Nottingham has great shopping too – from well known high street stores to designer boutiques and traditional markets, plus plenty of restaurants, cafes and bars when you need to refuel!

The original Nottingham Castle that stood on the site burnt down and the current one houses a museum, art gallery and tourist centre rolled into one with fabulous gardens and caves that you can explore under the castle grounds. In fact, there are many caves built under Nottingham and the award-winning City of Caves attraction is well worth a visit giving you access to a network of man-made caves carved out of sandstone.

At the foot of the rock below Nottingham Castle is Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, said to be England’s oldest pub with the year 1189 AD painted on the walls where you can enjoy traditional ales at the bar or outside in the beer garden

The Galleries of Justice give you an insight into Nottingham’s old justice system and is based in the former courthouse and county gaol. The museum claims to have a cell where Robin Hood might have been locked up (!) and you can go into the rear courtyard where hangings once took place.

Don’t miss a visit to The Lace Market which has many beautiful historic building, the main attraction being St. Mary’s Church dating back to the 1400s.     Nottingham was famous for  its lace in the 1800s and at its height there were 130 factories producing lace to export all over the world.

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