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The Cathedral City of Lincoln is rich in history and heritage and offers a range of shopping facilities on famous Steep Hill, a stunning Castle, current home to the Magna Carta, a simply exquisite Cathedral, an array of arts and culture and so much more. A city like no other, Lincoln is situated in a gap of Lincoln Cliff, and is the County town of Lincolnshire. Join National Holidays on a wonderful coach trip to discover what this splendid city has to offer – you won’t be disappointed!

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Lincoln, explore its rich history and Heritage

Take a stroll through the Strait, climb Steep Hill and explore Bailgate, filled with both local and national buskers giving you a unique musical experience whilst wandering the quaint streets, You can shop from top to bottom of Steep Hill. Why not take home a souvenir from one of the many curios shops or try one of the local specialities such as Chine, Haslet and of course the famous Lincolnshire Sausage.

A visit to Lincoln would not be complete without visiting the simply stunning cathedral. This fine example of Gothic architecture was once the tallest in the world (until it’s spire fell) and is filled with intricate detail and funny carvings, in particular the famous Lincoln Imp - according to legend the imp was turned to stone by an angel for misbehaving! Enjoy the beautiful Cloisters, magnificent libraries and the memorial statue of Lord Alfred Tennison bearing the words of his poem ‘Flower in the Crannied Wall’ at this historic delight.

Lincoln Castle is currently home to one of the four surviving copies of the Magna Carta, signed in 1215 and brought back to Lincoln by the Bishop of Lincoln. Enter the Victorian Prison and see the ‘separate system’ in action – isolating prisoners so they reflect, repent and reform. Walk the medieval walls with views of Sherwood Forest from the West, carve your own piece of stonework or take home a souvenir in the Georgian Prison, Lincoln Castles gift shop.

What better time to visit Lincoln than when the traditional Christmas Market is open. Adorned with up to 250 stalls nestled in the medieval square and the surrounding area, filled with treats for the festive season.

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