Enjoy hours of uninterrupted free entertainment from Hollywood movies and magazines to audio books and games.
Accessible from your own mobile, tablet or laptop*

National Holidays is excited to announce the arrival of WAVE, our FREE onboard entertainment on all branded coaches for National Holidays customers! As specialists in coach holidays, we pride ourselves in making your break the most comfortable it can be and this sensational new feature is yet another way to ensure you have the best journey possible with us!

Choose from a huge selection of exciting media; from award-winning Blockbusters to thrilling games to keep the whole family entertained; interesting podcasts to magazines for all tastes PLUS much more to get the show on the road.


So, whether you’re travelling to or from one of our fantastic holiday resorts, en route to see a spectacular show or booked on an action-packed sports break, you can sit back, relax and make the most of your coach journey, enjoying the fantastic range of media to choose from on WAVE!




I have closed my browser, how do I get back onto WAVE?

You can log back on by typing nationalholidayswifi.com into your browser

What's the difference between WAVE and WiFi?

WiFi allows you to browse websites, like you would at home on your computer. WAVE is a unique entertainment system that allows you to watch TV shows, movies and a whole host of other entertaining content. You can still get access to WAVE even when WiFi coverage isn't available. Uninterrupted entertainment!

Where is WAVE available?

You can access WAVE on any of the National Holidays branded coaches, subject to availability. Please feel free to check with the coach drivers for the availability on your coach journey.

What is the WiFi browsing allowance?

You can access most websites such as social media pages, online newspapers, emails etc. To ensure all passengers have an enjoyable browsing experience, we unfortunately cannot support video or audio streaming with a large bandwidth such as YouTube or BBC iPlayer.

Is it normal for the WiFi service speed to fluctuate?

Yes this is quite normal. Just like at stationary WiFi hotspots, at home or in the office, bandwidth is shared amongst many customers, and this will result in service speeds fluctuating.

Does the WiFi service support handheld devices?

Most devices are compatible with our free onboard WiFi service providing they are WiFi enabled.

*Please note that at busy periods we will utilise coaches from our trusted partners. The facilities on these coaches can vary and therefore may not feature WiFi or WAVE.