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MotoGP Breaks by Coach

Nothing comes close to MotoGP racing for high speed thrills and close wheel to wheel action.

See the world’s leading manufacturers and best riders compete for top spot on the podium and maximum points in some of the biggest championship races of the season.

At National Holidays we offer a wide range of Grand Prix weekends to choose from, including the tradition of British Moto GP at Silverstone, the historical Dutch GP at Assen TT circuit and the spectacular French GP at the iconic Le Mans circuit.

Booking with National Holidays is the hassle-free way to secure your MotoGP tickets, with coach travel, hotel stay and general admission for the qualifying session and Race Day.

As well as fantastic racing, there’s also a special festival atmosphere at MotoGP racing which adds to the enjoyment.

National Holidays is the number one source for MotoGP coach package holidays, with a wide choice of circuits to choose from.

The British MotoGP at the home of UK motorsport, Silverstone, allows you to see the powerful machines at full throttle. It’s one of the fastest circuits of the season that always delivers great racing.

European Trips to MotoGP

Always dreamed of seeing MotoGP on the continent? If so, top of your list must be a trip to Assen, the undisputed mecca of MotoGP. Every year upwards of 170,000 fans flock to this famous track, dubbed the ‘cathedral of motorsport’ to see their heroes on two wheels’. Join them by securing your tickets with National Holidays.

Home of the legendary 24 hours race, Le Mans is always massively popular and attracts thousands of fans for the French Moto GP. The Sachsenring circuit for the German GP also has an intriguing history.

Meanwhile, the San Marino MotoGP provides a chance to see legendary rider and local hero Valentino Rossi do battle in front of his home fans. Add to the atmosphere by wear his trademark yellow!

For motor racing at its best, MotoGP never fails to deliver! Book your trip today with National Holidays.

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