Ghost the musical


A true tale about the power of love, see the stage adaptation of the one of the most iconic films of all time, made famous by Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore, which captured the hearts of an entire generation in the 90s.

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One of the biggest movies of all-time Ghost has been put on the stage by the man who wrote the Oscar-winning screenplay, Bruce Joel Rubin.

An electrifying production, it tells the tale of two young lovers Molly and Sam Wheat, who are mugged whilst walking back to their apartment, leaving Sam murdered on a dark street as a result of his best friend’s illegal financial trading deals.

Sam finds himself stuck between the present and afterlife and desperate to communicate with heartbroken Molly after he learns that she’s in grave danger.

With the help of larger-than-life psychic, Oda Mae Brown, Sam faces a race against time to protect Molly.

Featuring the iconic pottery wheel scene, played out to “Unchained Melody, Ghost retains true to the spirit of the film, leaving you engrossed and holding back the tears.

Brought to life through special effects galore by award-winning illusionist Paul Kieve, Ghost features a superb musical score by Eurythmics member Dave Stewart and Glen Ballard, who wrote Michael Jackson’s massive hit “Man In the Mirror”.

Nominated for five Olivier Awards, including Best Musical, and three Tony’s during its stint of Broadway and the West End, Ghost The Musical is sure to strike a chord with romantics everywhere, as its proves there are no barrier to everlasting love. Use the holiday Search above to find your break to Ghost now!

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