The Eden Project

The Eden Project
The Eden Project
The Eden Project

The Eden Project

Let your senses run wild on a coach break to the spectacular Eden Project in Cornwall with National Holidays.

Famous for its iconic bubble-shaped domes, which house the world’s largest indoor Rainforest and simulate the Mediterranean microclimate, the Eden Project is an award-winning attraction which transports you to all four corners of the globe to experience the unique sights and smells and climates of the world’s diverse eco-systems and explore issues of sustainability, global warming and environmental conservation.

With over a million weird and wonderful plants and flowers you won’t see anywhere else in the UK and attractions round every corner, including tumbling waterfalls, sculptures, treetop walks, play areas and the UK’s biggest zip wire, the Eden Project is the most fun, interactive and scent-filled laboratory your will ever encounter.

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The Eden Project in Cornwall has fast become one of the UK’s most popular year-round attractions providing both an educational and fun day out for kids and adults alike.

Dubbed by many as the Eighth Wonder of the World and ‘Green Cathedral’, the Eden Project is home to the world’s biggest collection of plant and floral exhibitions which provide an insight into the connection between plants and people, from food such as cocoa, coffee, tea, lemons to the production of rubber, paper, wine, medicine, perfume and biofuel.

The spaceship-like biomes perfectly re-create the diverse climate zones and environments from across the globe, allowing you to experience incredible plants, flowers and gardens from every continent as you embark on an immersive and educational journey of discovery.

Experience steamy tropical heat as you wander through the world’s largest indoor rainforest to the jungles of the Tropical Islands, West Africa, Tropical South America and South East Asia, where you can spot banana trees, nuts and spices, cocoa pods, coffee plants, rubber plants and much more, including stunning sculptures, rushing waterfalls and roaming roul-roul partridges and Sulawesi white-eye birds.

For the best view in the house trek across the gravity-defying 165ft Canopy Walkway for breath-taking aerial views of the rainforest. Afterwards, travel through the clouds on the Cloud Bridge, but get ready to shelter in the Rain Shack because there’s a storm brewing!

The Mediterranean biome provides a fragrance-filled whistle stop tour of the world, where you can experience everything from the grass trees of Western Australia, olive trees, herbs and citrus groves of Europe to the heavenly scented plants of California and South Africa.

There’s plenty to see in the outdoor gardens too. Marvel at the sculpture of the Giant Bee before following the winding path to discover magnificent displays amongst the carpet of flowers, including a ship sailing in a sea of tea leaves, a secret garden telling the myths and folklores of plants, plus a vegetable allotment and displays dedicated to hemp and hops and barley.

That’s not all. Little ones can let off steam in the Sense of Play Garden and Spiral Gardens, while thrill seekers will love the on-site activity centre where they can race at speeds of up to 60mph above the biomes on Skywire, the UK’s longest zip wire, drop 25 metres with no bungee on FreeFall and swing 360 degrees on Vertigo.

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