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The Lion King Theatre Breaks

No Showtime break compares to a trip to London’s West End to see Disney’s multi-award winning musical the Lion King.

Set against the majesty of the Serengeti Plains to the evocative rhythms of Africa, this spectacular production explodes with a kaleidoscope of colours, stunning effects and enchanting music to tell the timeless story of Simba and his epic journey to fulfil his destiny as King of the Pridelands.

With a fabulous soundtrack including “The Circle of Life” and the Oscar winning hit “Can you Feel the Love Tonight?”- it’s a heart-warming story that will captivate the entire family.

A great way to combine a theatre break with the sights of London.

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About the show...

The Lion King theatre show has been a roaring success, a theatrical phenomenon that is now the highest-grossing musical in history and seen by over 80 million people worldwide.

In London’s West End it has smashed all box office records before it and even outsold the hugely popular Phantom of the Opera in less than half the time. Now that’s impressive!

So what makes the musical adaptation of the Lion King so special?

At the heart of its success is the fact that the musical stays true to the one of the all-time great Disney films.

It perfectly captures the uplifting story of a young lion cub called Simba, hoodwinked by his evil uncle Scar into believing he was responsible for his father’s death but who returns to fulfil his destiny and become King.

However, what really steals the show is how it manages to bring the colourful splendour of the film to the stage through extravagant costumes, special effects and incredible puppetry performed by a cast of over 50 actors. You won’t believe your eyes when the herds of antelopes, zebras, cheetahs, elephants and giraffes performed by actors majestically fill the stage.

It is a real visual feast from beginning to end which will delight children and adults alike.

Then there’s the African rhythmic beats which transport you to the African Plains and hit numbers, including ‘Circle of Life’, ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight’ and ‘Hakuna Matata’ by Elton John and Tim Rice which are guaranteed to get you singing along.

If you loved the film then you really need to see Lion King The Musical to appreciate it.

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